Dallas' Six Best Veggie Burgers

"This is the best drive-thru veggie burger in Dallas. It's also the best Hey-I-Don't-Feel-Like-Shit-Afterwards! burger experience in Dallas."

Dallas Observer



Dallas' Six Best Breakfast Spots

"Factor in that all the ingredients are responsibly sourced, and that healthy options like smoothies and oatmeal abound, and suddenly you have no reason to be in that McDonald's drive-through."

Dallas observer


Best Fast Food Dallas 2013 - Start

"Here's a plus, and we can't believe we're saying this, they actually have a good veggie burger."

Dallas observer


We Found a Unicorn: A Dallas Veggie Burger That's Better Than the Real Thing

"Start, the healthy fast food and drive-thru alternative, has created a veggie burger that bests its own beef cheeseburger."

Dallas Observer


Healthy Dallas Restaurant's That Don't Suck 

"Like manna from healthy-food heaven, Start descended on Dallas to provide a healthier, but just as speedy, alternative to fast food."



20 Of Dallas' Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants

"If you’re trying to get your kids to eat healthier, Start has plenty of great breakfast and lunch options for the small people in your family."

Eater Dallas


Dallas' 11 Best Breakfasts Under $10

"The restaurant combines wholesome ingredients with convenience, while still keeping prices modest."

Eater Dallas


25 Places to Eat Healthy in Dallas

"Healthy food from a drive-thru window? It's a dream come true at Start, which offers egg white breakfast sandwiches, quinoa salads, grass-fed beef burgers, and loaded sweet potatoes."

Eater Dallas


Dallas City Guide to Family-Friendly Eating

"Amazing organic breakfast options, mouthwatering grass fed burgers, a fabulous kids menu with healthy options, and other creative choices abound."



Eater Dallas Names Start One of 12 Top Healthy Spots

"The city's healthiest drive-thru window offers everything from egg white breakfast sandwiches and quinoa salads to grass-fed beef burgers and loaded sweet potatoes."

Eater Dallas


16 Dallas Restaurants With Excellent Gluten-Free Options

"This healthier drive-through option will let you sub a gluten-free tortilla on any of their tasty breakfast burrito options; they also offer gluten-free buns for their grass-fed burgers."

Eater Dallas


25 Deliciously Healthy Dallas Restaurants

"Healthy food from a drive-thru window? It's a dream come true at Start."

Eater Dallas


The 13 Best Fancy Fast Food Spots In Dallas

"Most of the time, going through the drive-thru probably means you’re not going to be making the healthiest of choices, but Start is a whole ‘nother kind of fast food restaurant."

Eater Dallas


At Start, It's Always Pumpkin Spice Latte Season

"As for the actual coffee, the restaurant goes beyond the standard instant offerings of fast food joints with its dedicated coffee bar, and its locally sourced beans from Full City Rooster."

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